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This is the top end model for the Roku and comes in at 99.00 directly from the Roku site.
The Roku is a very small (5″x5″x1″) set top box for streaming your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu as well as a host of other smaller channels. Roku has the major national news networks and we have only found two programs we were unable to get
We got rid of cable television in an effort to save money each month. We already had a subscription to Netflix (streaming only is 7.99) then we added Hulu Plus (7.99) for a total of about 16.00 a month.
We started out using a wireless connection and had a few bumps and hiccups when viewing the smaller channels. This could have just been electrical interference from a household item but, we are rearranging the furniture so the Roku can be hardwired to our home network thus avoiding the issue altogether.
We’re very pleased with the service thus far. There is always something interesting to watch. Roku has announced they are adding more channels, I can’t wait to see what those will bring. You can set up subscriptions to all the shows you love and go get caught up on all of the episodes you may have missed. LOVE THAT!
I personally have always been a fan of the independent film maker and we have found a host of that sort of content. So I am delighted. Aside from the money saving aspect I love the programming as well.

Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p

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