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I heard about Pinterest and thought I’ll never use that, what in the heck do I need that for? Famous last words right?  I didn’t try it or even peek at it for the longest time… did I mention Pintrest now my newest obsession. Pinterest where have you been all of my life?  What a super idea. I visit the site every day.

Since Paul is going to be deploying I have been looking up all sorts of craft projects to try… I’ve got a board for that. After spending days on Pinterest I now have a bunch of boards and a ton of craft projects, recipes to try and new blogs to read with even more ideas.

I found a pink dune buggy, an amazing deep pink velvet chair, and the best ideas for holiday themed displays. The list goes on and on. Inspiration for all sorts of things, room decor, weddings, parties, clothes.. you name it.  I am trying to eat more of a Paleo diet and there are a ton of recipes, on the downside my friends post the most incredible, fabulous recipes (not even close to Paleo)… some are waayy to tempting to ignore.

Paul’s start date for his deployment was delayed (for a MONTH) so he was able to partake in the joy of shopping for craft materials at craft stores, the goodwill and thrift shops.  He also bought a gentlemen’s chest I found on craigslist for me to refinish. I found it for $65.00 and it is super cute. It will be my first furniture project.  Paul is trying to keep me off of craigslist .. to no avail.  I want a really long older dresser next… and/or a farmhouse style hutch because I am so desperate for storage. So I hunt there daily as well.

Now if I can get past the mind numbing fatigue I will get a few of these projects done. I’ll post my progress.

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