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DIY Finials

DIY Finial

You know how you see decorative finials in all of the home decor books and for sale at home decor stores. I have seen these online and in stores ranging from 40.00 to over 100.00… each!! I like them but this is just decorative doo-hickies and nothing I would feel like I should splash out on. I decided to try to make my own. I made two so far and plan to make at least one more.



I took a quick trip to Lowes and wandered up and down the aisles I picked up a Cedar Hatteras Castine 4×4 (fencing), a 15.5 Pine table leg  and a medium craft finial to make my first large finial.

Lamp Finials

For the smaller finial I still used the Hatteras Castine 4×4, a tulip bun foot and a Artesian 7″ leg – all from Lowes and then I bought a couple of lamp finials off of Ebay for $2.50. I did need to drill a couple of holes for this project because the items are actually feet for furniture and has a screw in metal piece on the end. I put these things together using wood glue for extra stability.

Used wood filler and sanded the area a tiny bit

Preview-before paint

Later, I did use just a touch of wood filler to make sure there was no huge crevice between pieces but it probably would have been fine without it.  I sprayed a couple coats of black paint (from another project) on these in the garage (farewell brain cells) and they look pretty good. I might need one more. I love the shape of the lamp finial, it looks so elegant and sleek in comparison to my first bash at it. Figures!  This is a quick and easy decor project. and would be great in any color to match any room… plus as an added bonus its a great club if anyone is misbehaving!



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