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Wall Art for Mother’s Day

Thinking of a portrait for mom for Mother’s Day?  I’ve got a couple deals for you to peruse today..

Groupon (Huntsville, Alabama) Has a 16×20 gallary wrapped canvas for $39 at Picture It On Canvas (shipping included)

Living Social (Toledo) $40 for $80 photo to canvas printing at CanvasPop (also entitles you to a $30 discount on a future order)

LivingSocial (Montgomory County) $28 for 11×14 canvas print or $39 for 16×20 canvas print at MyPix2Canvas

Groupon (Springfield MO) Has an amazing deal from Hal Jaffe Name Art for $60 you can get 3-11 letter name art (These are usually very spendy!)

Groupon (Albany GA) $60 for Custom alphabet framing at Frame the Alphabet

Groupon (San Francisco) $149 for 18×24 Hi Res digital image from DNA Imprints - Love this idea!

Groupon (New Orleans) Has another unusual idea from MetalPixs. $39 for 11×14 and $49 for 16×20 portrait.

More ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 8th), do you have a gift picked out yet?  Ditch the same old same old candy and or flowers routine, that’s about as exciting as a pair of socks. This is your mom and we can do better than that anyway right?

Be creative, I’m a huge fan of the reusable container, so this could be a tote bag, a beach bag, a bucket, maybe even a basket.. and I love a THEME. 

Gardener: How about a cute garden tote or plastic bucket filled with a tool or two, seeds, and maybe some gardeners hand soap or cream. 

Beauty: How about a little basket or bathroom box filled with the Clarisonic mia, a bath poof, bath gloves, a microfiber hair towel , maybe body butter or lotion.  You could even put together a small basket of fizzy bath bombs, body wash, soaps, body butters, creams and lotions.  She would love it.

Bookworm: She may love an E-reader like the Kindle or the Nook and a gift certificate to get a few books. If mom already has an e-reader, see if you can locate accessories for it. They offer lights, skins and covers to personalize things to match her personality.

Cook: What about a basket with a couple wonderful dipping oils and good balsamic vinegar, Maybe going with a good theme, get a wok and fill it with Asian themed items, (noodles or rice, an oil, chopsticks etc) for a really clever gift.   Today at HauteLook they have Fondue pots with forks on special. Now I love a fondue so I have 4 or so pots, these are fabulous for a party and would be great for the mom who likes to entertain. 

What about a really beautiful soft luscious cashmere throw so mom can sit on the couch and be wrapped in luxury while she watches television. Today at the Foundary there are amazing cashmere throws, my favorite is the begonia one of course (read pink), but they have a lovely sand color and rich chocolate, a sky blue and a happy yellow still in stock, every one of those is bound to brighten up moms day.  

Is mom going green? What about Baggu Bags or Envirosax filled with Sigg Water bottle, RePEaT utensil set, reusable sandwich bags, produce bags, unpaper towels,  or a new lunch bag to take to work.

Send mom to a spa to be pampered for the day.

Family photos or photo books are always a great idea for mom.  Deal pop has a deal for photo books on a deal, $15 for $58 worth of products at Vistaprint today.

Bring It Bags

Fabulous reusable lunch kits, market bags and totes from Bring it are on special today at Zulily.

I love this idea, the little lunch kit has a lunch bag, snack bag and sandwich bag (I’d have to buy extra snack bags but I’ll not mention that!).  The orange zebra tote is so bright and happy and the jute zebra tote is totally in style right now (clearly I only know this from magazines, if I am ever in style it’s totally an accident).

Those reusable bags would be great to organize all the little stuff we seem to haul around in our handbags, maybe even protect your mp3 player.

Zulily is a daily deal site that offers a variety of deals for moms, kids and babies.

These could make a darling mothers day gift!


Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Looking for a cute mothers day gift idea? Click on over to HauteLook and check out the Lisa Weedn Painted Signs. They are really cute and fun, they just look happy to me, perfect for Mother’s Day (May 8th) or even for a cute Easter gift (April 24th).

Lisa Weedn also has one day left for her beautiful painted signs at the Foundry.

Both HauteLook and the Foundry are daily deal sites and we all know I am addicted to those!

Bagette Bags for Easter or Mother’s Day

Easter and Mother’s Day are right around the corner and I have a few ideas for great gifts.

What about a darling personalized photo bag from Bagettes? I think these are so cute. They come in a number of sizes from big photo purses to cosmetic bags, coin purses and wristlets.

Use pix of the kids or grand kids, maybe a family photo or one of a beloved pet or a favorite place. It would make a great gift that your wife, mom or grandmother would treasure.

You could fill the Bagette bag with lip gloss, tickets to a play, a gift certificate to her favorite store or Facebook game.  Lots of options with this one.

Bluapple at Jasmere

Head on over to Jasmere and check out todays deal on Bluapple. This little blue guy goes in with your produce to keep it fresher longer. Stop having to toss out so much spoiled produce. It comes in a 2 pack so you can keep both bins fresh.

Actually this would make a great addition to a cute Easter basket for mom, a cute idea to add to a housewarming gift bag as well.

Jasmere is one of those daily deal sites that I love so much. They always have interesting items up for sale (I got the Baggu Bags and the Sticks and Stones alphabet photography there).

The Clarisonic

My favorite esthetician Kristen (the only one I actually trust to tell me the truth) recommended I get one and I love it.  It works well with the cleanser she recommended for my skin and has totally changed the texture of my skin. In fact I love it so much I have given one as a gift to several people.

I have very sensitive skin so I don’t use the Clarisonic every day, every other day works best for me. Some people use it every day, some twice a day, so it depends on your skin and what works best for you.

My skin has never been so clean, soft and smooth. My pores were reduced in size quite significantly; the Clarisonic gets in and really gets the make up off.  The odd bumps I had are gone and I wish I’d gotten one sooner.

There is a built in timer so you know when to switch areas and keep things moving along (very handy), before you know it you are finished.

I bought one in pink, but they come in white and grey (for the man in your life). It comes with a charging cradle for the counter top and the handset is waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath.

Men: the ladies love a man with great skin, so don’t pooh pooh it as a girlie thing, this is a hard working piece of equipment and it looks manly in grey!

The folks at Clarisonic have released a smaller version, maybe for travel? They call it the Mia, I’ve not tried that model but everyone seems to be pleased with it as well. The Mia comes in a several great colors (think yellow, pink, blue, turquoise, and lavender). Plus they have limited edition colors like poppy red and sapphire blue. Think what an amazing gift that would make opening a beauty basket with one of those inside.

Give it a try, it really can make a difference in your skin.

Sale on Water Bottles – 50% off!

While at Cost Plus World Market today I noticed there were having a 50% off sale on all of their reusable water bottles in both glass and stainless steel. I purchased two and after tax the total was under $7.00. The sale will be on for a couple of weeks. This would be a great item to add to those Easter Baskets!

I did go to the online site but only the aluminum flask was available. Well, I think I’d skip that one since it was aluminum and not stainless.

My New Blue Baggus

Recently I purchased a Jasmere voucher for a company called Baggu. I chose a set of 5 of the standard size Baggu bags in blue. The set comes in a handy carry pouch that can easily fit in a handbag.   Each bag weighs less than 2 ounces but can hold 50 pounds. They hold what 2-3 regular plastic grocery sacks would carry. They are made of ripstop nylon and are guaranteed for a year.

Baggu bags are available individually or in sets, and in several styles and sizes. I can’t even tell you how many people stopped me today to ask about my bags.  I stopped at Petco, Cost Plus World Market, Saars and Albertsons today before heading home. One bag did carry 20 pounds of chicken all wrapped up from the butcher block with room to spare.

Head on over and check them out.

Pyrex 10-Piece Storage Set 13.49

Saving with Amy just posted a fabulous deal on a Pyrex 10 piece set for 13.49. If you have Amazon Prime (we do), you can also get free 2 day shipping. Such a deal! This is a great one if you are thinking of switching over to glass food storage.