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Tax Deductible!!

Tax-deductible donations can be made directly to our agency! Just indicate “STALEY FAMILY ADOPTION” in the memo and mail to:

Wasatch Adoptions
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, UT 84403

Thank you for helping to bring our little angels HOME!

Help us Adopt!!

We are looking to adopt two little girls who are special needs from China. Please help us raise money to cover the expensive costs or donate to support us to do various things. Keep up to date here: Are you thinking why so much??!! More information here.


Etsy Rag Dolls


I wanted the girls to each have a dolly when they came home. As you may remember we do have a doll for each girl that we are taking with us. They are cute too but they do not look like the girls. These are amazing and just darling, perfect for little hands. I love them!! These are available at Belinda’s Garden on Etsy and very reasonable in price.

Having recently read how important many adoptees feel about having someone that looks like them in the family, I maybe should have considered that beforehand. The girls could not look more different if they tried. As they get older I will look for a company to make custom dolls so they have a “just like me” type doll and hopefully we can make enough connections in the adoption and NOAH community that it won’t make a difference that they don’t look like each other.

Projects, Diaper Bag Swag, Quiet Books and Busy Bags


While I was stuck in San Diego for a month (mostly all by myself) I did do a lot of little felt food projects. I made items for busy bags and pages for quiet books.  The pages above aren’t all finished yet and clearly I was “winging” it. I’m hoping to have at least one book finished by the time we head to China. Of course I have so many little “projects” to do and stuff to clean out, grant applications to fill in and regular house “stuff” that needs to get done I’m not sure I’ll have enough time. But that is my goal anyway.

I LOVE Etsy. I find things made by the most clever folks. Recently I was on Etsy looking for Busy Bag ideas and came across a great store called Curious Minds Busy Bags.  They have fabulous ideas for Busy Bags, they have a lot that are Montessori. I ordered the Feed Me Busy Bag in Ladybug and Bee. That Bee looks a little suspicious! When they came in the mail the shop owner had added a card telling me that they also have a Curious Minds Web site with even more options.  Seriously I could spend a ton of money there. The prices are reasonable but shipping looks like it would add up (of course doesn’t it always?).  I also found that Curious Minds Busy bags is on Amazon and Ebay. Seriously they are everywhere I shop.

Step 2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen

My plan for their first Christmas home is a play kitchen and then felt food items. I know those play kitchens get played with a lot and are a favorite for years to come. I hope to get the girls into “cooking” while I’m cooking. I know those play kitchens and play food are popular for YEARS so I think it would be a good investment and provide a lot of play time.

I had what seemed like an infinite amount of hours to fret over what we still need to do, things we still need to gather, and worry about not having enough stuff (as ridiculous as that might sound) for the girls.  When you have a baby you sort of gather as you go along and by the time that baby is a toddler you have all the toddler .. crap. I did have a ton of kid stuff and I’m sorry I got rid of lots of it now. I have fussed around about the fingerprinting appointments, the I-800a that we still do not have the approval on, the next set of I-800 papers and the grant applications I want to turn in (Keep your fingers crossed). I sent one yesterday and I have one to send in today and maybe another tomorrow.

I know we still need a table and chair set and two big girl chairs for the living room. I’m hoping activities can happen at the little table and TV time can happen in the little chairs. I remember hauling my chair to the living room to watch cartoons when I was a little girl, and I remember the kids table with the apple pattern on it that all of us kids sat at for Christmas dinner.

I want to pick up two Cozy Coupe ride on toys because every toddler loves those darn things.

We have been amassing a large board book library. In San Diego I found a couple of sweet little books.  The first one is Good Night! and the Second is Peas on Earth. Both are just too cute and I couldn’t pass them up.


Meal kit for two

I put together a “meal kit” for the diaper bag. The each includes two silicone bibs, 2 silicone table mats, utensils that you can wash or toss, two pouch spoons and two fresh food feeders. I stuffed all of this in a Ju-Ju-Be “Be Quick” Bag. I know a lot of folks use the disposable bibs but with two toddlers I thought I’d be buying those things all the time so I’d be better off getting something that was easy to just wipe clean and use again.


In a separate medium Ju-Ju-Be “set” bag I’m keeping all of my extra wipes. Boogie Wipes, antibacterial wipes, Kleenex splasher wipes and a Kleenex pack. I guess I will be ditching the handbag in favor of a baby bag for a while.

I’m loving the Ju-Ju-Be bags and accessories. We will not be discussing exactly how many Ju-Ju-Be items I’ve purchased.  Most on the Facebook B/S/T site (Buy Sell Trade) and the Ju-Ju-Be Pink Room. The best part is you can get custom items like seatbelt straps, “boxlets”, Quicklets, Key Chains, Ouch Pouches, holders for your EOS or lip balm. You can pick up long discontinued accessories like the bottle rocket (I would love a couple of those) and the wardrobe station. You can even find items in discontinued patterns.

The Admiral BRB

New patterns come out all the time. REALLY love the new legacy series The Admiral print! Paul needs this, its cute and not too girly.

Tula Carnival

Tula Baby Carrier in Carnival


I was hoping I would be able to get my Tula there too. However the Facebook B/S/T forums for Tula had the carriers alright, but they were asking WAAYYY over retail for them. Some going for over a THOUSAND dollars. WHAT?!?! Its cute but it is after all only a baby carrier. I removed myself from both Tula groups as soon as I saw it was just too rich for my blood. I found a cute standard Tula in stock and bought it.  See above for the print I ended up with. I had no clue they were so crazy popular. Tula often sells out within MINUTES of re-stocking. MINUTES folks. Of course now that I’ve seen Isabella’s last update I wonder if I should have gotten a toddler size as well (25-50 lbs).  PPFFTT



Who Do You Think You Are?


Who Do You Think You Are? is on Pick Your Plum today!!  I got the girls’ names done so I can hang them from the oars on the wall.  They are on sale for 6.99 per name!! WHOO HOO what a deal!  You know how much I LOVE a deal!?!

You can spray these any color and add sparkles or crystals or whatever floats your boat. You could do other words too for your gallery wall or travel wall, maybe words for holidays like Love, Spring, NOEL, XOXO.. etc. I should go back and order FAMILY.  I love the gallery wall we have and look at it often.  I like that it has all sorts of things included, not just pictures.

Head on over to Pick Your Plum and get this deal.. only 13 hours left to snag it!!  GO GO GO



We have been ordering from Zaycon Foods for a while now. We have tried several items and thankfully we have never been disappointed.

Recently we picked up 72 pounds of bacon, I know it sounds like a gigantic amount but it is the sort of bacon that you could have a full out brawl over. We do go through a ton of bacon here at the house every week.  I use it in a lot of things and then I save all the bacon fat to cook other things in.

Next month we will pick up 80 pounds of chicken and I hope to have my crap together so I can make several recipes ahead to freeze and then just portion out the rest of the chicken breasts into freezer bags. I’m thinking chicken pot pie, Greek chicken, shredded chicken, tandoori chicken and maybe the sauce for the crispy keto chicken. I’m hoping to come up with another idea or two because those freezer meals are a great solution and keep us eating well and not spending money on take out all the time. It takes away many excuses to behave badly.

We will also pick up 80 pounds of ground beef in December and hope it goes as well as it did last time. In the summer we picked up 80 pounds of beef, we planned ahead for several dishes so we could make “freezer meals” for the nights I was too tired to cook or if I had been gone all day. A week in advance we started to assemble all the ingredients I was going to need for each dish. We cooked up 32 pounds of beef that day, we made eight pounds each of: Ground Beef Stroganoff, Beef Pot Pie, Caveman Chili and Taco Meat. Then we packaged up the rest of the beef into 2 pound increments and put them into freezer bags for other miscellaneous recipes. Honestly I am a little worried we should have ordered 120 pounds of the beef because we really go through it.

Zaycon Foods have sales all over the country, you sign up, choose your “pick up spot” and turn up at the appointed date/time. It has never taken us more than 5 minutes to get what we ordered. We go through the line, give our name and someone puts it in the trunk for us and we are on the way home in moments. I have added my referral link and if you sign up using my code the folks over at Zaycon Foods will put a dollar into my account, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but it sure counts up.


Avenue Stores – Big Sale

Apparently the company that owns Avenue has undergone a bankruptcy and is closing 150 stores nationwide, In Washington State the only two stores that will remain open are Renton and Yakima. Everything is 60% off at the other stores currently, both the Lakewood and Tacoma stores have gotten an influx of stock from stores closing in Las Vegas and Texas.

Tacoma Avenue

This would be a great time to stock up on things you might need. Sizes 14/16 are in high demand and selection is limited (but still good and worth a visit), however if you are in a size 22+ you have a ton of options.    If you have the time stop by a couple of stores, stock is very different at each store. Happy Shopping!


Fabulous Paleo Friendly Bread

While on Pinterest I found some Paleo friendly bread originally posted on She Cooks He Cleans. This gal has it right, this has a good flavor, texture etc and can be used just like regular bread. I LOVE it.Thank you Pinterest!  You have got to try this!

Start with

  • 3/4 cup almond flour
  • 4 tablespoons flax seed meal
  • 2 tablespoons toasted sunflower seeds (I have also tried cashews and pecans)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt or sea salt
  • 3 eggs
  • ~1 teaspoon honey (optional) I have used a tablespoon to make it sweeter depending on why I need the bread.
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil, walnut oil or? You might even be able to use butter here if you allow it in your diet.


Mix all dry Ingredients together

Crush, Chop, Roll or nearly obliterate your nuts – Add to bowl

Add Eggs, Honey, Oil to bowl and mix

Prepare an 8×8 Pyrex type pan, I have used a little butter, cooking spray or a tiny bit of oil wiped around the inside of the pan. Bake in the microwave for about 2 minutes 30 seconds. You need to add 30-40 seconds if you increase the honey. When the bread is finished in the microwave:

Turn bread out on to a cutting board or a cooling rack

Give your bread a few minutes to cool (say 5 minutes).

Cut bread – it is a little thick

Slice in half for a thin bread – Use a sharp knife



I used my Paleo friendly bread to make a fried egg sandwich – this bread makes wonderful breadcrumbs, it toasts up well and is a dream next to a homemade  soup.  I plan on giving this a whirl using macadamia nuts – think how fab that would be with Havarti cheese or a wonderful cream cheese. YUM!

Make up a batch, have a snack and go poke around She Cooks He Cleans, because clearly this gal has some skill!!

What’s Cookin? Cheeseburger Dip


Seriously if you are not on Pinterest, you need to be. I’ve stumbled across more recipes this way.This recipe is from Closet Cooking.

We are trying to be at least Paleo-ish (still doing dairy of course and a few peanuts here and there), so with that being said this cheeseburger dip is fabulous. It works as a dip or even a main dish as my son Carl and I have done several times. You could serve it with crackers, chips, crusty bread or on a bun like a sloppy Joe if you’re still eating grain. I have served this with Paleo crackers but we like it as a main dish with salad the most.


  • 1/2 pound ground beef (I use an entire pound)
  • 6 strips bacon, cut into 1 inch pieces (If you LOVE bacon use a little more)
  • 1 small onion, diced (use a sweet or mild onion)
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped
  • 4 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella, shredded
  • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tablespoons ketchup

Brown the ground beef

Cook the bacon until crispy

Saute Onion and garlic until tender

Mix together

Bake at 350 for 20 to 30 minutes

I Have used cheddar cheese but we also used Colby Jack (My favorite) and it turned out great. I have also used Hormel pre-cooked bacon from Costco and that did a nice job as well. Serve with your fresh tomatoes and lettuce shreds to make this just like a cheeseburger. Kevin over at Closet Cooking made his look so much nicer than mine (clearly I have the ghetto version).


What’s Cookin? Parmesan Zucchini Rounds

I am always on the look out for some sort of snack item that is at least semi legal. At the moment zucchini is inexpensive and plentiful so lets use that.



Zucchini and/or Summer Squash

Parmesan (I have used both freshly grated and the stuff in the tub I associate with pizza places)

Oil of your choice (I have used walnut and olive oil)


Flick your oven on to 350 degrees and line your cookie sheet with parchment paper to keep the cheese from sticking.

Cut them up into little coins


Dip In Oil

Dip in Parmesan

Put them on the cookie sheet

Bake for 25-30 minutes



Remember, the thinner you cut your zucchini the crispier they will be. The first time we did this we used freshly grated Parmesan cheese ($$$) and they were wonderful, but during a quick trip to Sam’s club I spied a HUGE canister of that Parmesan cheese I remember having around the house as a kid.  So I could not resist trying another batch. They were also good but I will say they tasted saltier to me even if I did not add salt.

You could broil these if you were in a hurry (I’d try 3-5 minutes and watch them like a hawk).

They are fabulous by themselves and make a wonderful appetizer or snack to hold everyone over. They are great with dip too!

SOTA Graduation

Bethany and Alex

Recently I was honored to be invited to attend Alexandra’s graduation from The Tacoma School of the Arts. Alex is my daughter Bethany’s best friend and honestly she is like family. I love this girl. Alex has been on hand as a trusted friend practically since we moved to Tacoma from Seattle years ago.  I’m sure the girls will be friends for a lifetime.

Pantages Theater

The graduation took place in the Pantages theater in downtown Tacoma. The venue is small and elegant so I felt really very touched to be invited to attend the graduation along with her family.

The kids from SOTA are very talented and put on a truly top shelf performance. The announcers and staff kept the comments to a minimum, with the exception of one lady.. she seriously recited her entire job history, I can only conclude she was actually job hunting and this was a way to get her resume out there. She gets extra points for the creativity. The odd part about her was that even Alex had no clue who she was. The gal never introduced herself, but she had a robe so I guess she was supposed to be there. 😀

Alex is headed to Northwest University in the fall where Bethany is already attending. I just know she will have a wonderful time. We were trying to think of something great to give her for graduation. Finally we came up with the idea of a dorm essentials box. I got a list of items from Bethany and bought a Rubbermaid Tote to put it all in. We put in tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar, salt & pepper, granola bars, white board, hanging jewelry organizer, dish towels, dish soap, cleaning wipes, paper towels, big clothes pin, big mug, travel mug, kleenex, Command hooks, warm blanket, erasers, double hanging rod… etc. We wrapped every silly item and added little funny blurbs on each one, for instance on the hanging rod “For your big hang ups”..I had such a great time shopping for stuff. I had no shortage of ideas when it came to this gift.

The Loot

The Dorm Box Before

To Keep You Warm

Almost Finished

Alex has a wonderful family and they must be so proud. Here is a girl who passed on getting a car in order to do a mission trip. How many teenagers forgo a car? For anything let alone to help others?!?  I love it!


Blender Salsa

I am working on this whole Paleo-ish diet but I am not going to lose my mind because we all know what happened last time and my cholesterol dropped like a stone. Yes folks your cholesterol can be too low! I’ve decided to keep dairy and of course I am still not off of sugar (damned sweet tooth).. but I am better (even if its only marginally).

While traipsing around Pinterest I found a ton of recipes. I found a recipe for Blender Salsa, its quick & dirty salsa and actually really good. After I made the first batch I think Paul ate it all week and wanted more the next weekend. Think how quick and easy you could whip up a quick snack.  If you click the link it will take you to the blog that Pinterest directed me to.

1 can original Rotel tomatoes

1 can diced tomatoes

1/2 Onion – chopped

1 Clove of garlic diced

a handful of cilantro – I go heavy here because I love cilantro

1 tsp Honey – I probably add a little more

1/2-1 jalapeno – I left it out

Lime juice (equal to one lime)

1/2 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Cumin

Slap it all into the good old food processor and zip zip you have salsa. It made a glass sauce jar with enough left for a good snackfest!

We did use the rice crackers or the Stacey’s Naked Pita chips (my favorite).. I have meant to try the Paleo crackers and chips… but sometimes there is just not enough energy to go around.. plus those Stacey’s Pita Chips are super addictive!!

Social Media


Oct 10 Saw "Elsa's" profile for the first time

Dec 1 Saw Paisley's little face and asked for her file

Dec 15th Got files for Paisley and another girl from agency

Dec 16th Read files and called to find IA doctor

Dec 17th I spent all day on e-mail and the phone with IA doctor

Dec 19th we sent a check for $600 and official application to the Agency

Dec 22nd we got an e-mail we had been approved by the Agency

Dec 22nd I wrote a Letter of Intent for the CCCWA that we intend to adopt Zou Bing Jie

Dec 23 we finished the Agency contracts and paid $140 to have 14 signatures notarized (OMG!)

Dec 26 Sent contracts and $3500 International program fee to Agency - Lucky for us Zou Bing Jie has already been locked to us

Dec 27-Jan 5 CCCWA will be closed so NOTHING will happen.

Jan 4 H.S Agency Suspended

Jan 8 Received P.A. from China

Jan 19 Found Fu Chen You on Shared File

Jan 21 Wrote LOI for Fu Chen You

Jan 31 Home Study Visit and Paid $1550

Feb 2 Received P.A. for Fu Chen You

Feb 4 Home Study Visit

Feb 22 Home Study Finished by SW

Feb 25 Home Study Approved by Agency

Mar 6 Picked up Home Study

Mar 6 Sent I800A

Mar 9 USCIS Received i-800a via Fed Ex

Mar 11 Official USCIS notice I-800a Received

Mar 24 Finally have all Fingerprint cards

Mar 25 Did a walk in at USCIS Biometrics

Mar 25 USCIS approved our Expedite

Mar 25 Received USCIS RFE

Apr 3 I800A Approved

Apr 3 I797 Received Via E-mai

Apr 4 I797's Notarized

Apr 6 I797's State Authenticated

Apr 8 Dossier to Embassy

Apr 23 Dossier to China

Apr 27 Dossier arrived at CCCWA

May 4 I-800 Sent

May 6 Found out about input issue & incorrect name on PA

May 8 Input issue supposedly corrected

May 13 LID (Log In Date)

May 26 Soft LOA

May 28 Hard LOA

June 1 USCIS sends Pkt to NVC

June 5 Receive PDF with GUZ and Invoice #'s

June 8 Article 5 Drop Off

June 9 Article 5 Pick Up and mailed to CCCWA

June 19 Soft Travel Approval

June 19 Recieved Consulate Appointment

June 24 TRAVEL to Beijing

June 28 Fly to Nanjing

June 29 Isabella Gotcha

June 30 Sign for Izzy

June 30 Fly to Chengdu

July 1 Gabriella Gotcha

July 2 Sign for Gabby

July 3 Fly to Guangzhou

July 7 Consulate Appointment

July 9 Van to Hong Kong

July 10 Fly Home