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Tax Deductible!!

Tax-deductible donations can be made directly to our agency! Just indicate “STALEY FAMILY ADOPTION” in the memo and mail to:

Wasatch Adoptions
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, UT 84403

Thank you for helping to bring our little angels HOME!

Help us Adopt!!

We are looking to adopt two little girls who are special needs from China. Please help us raise money to cover the expensive costs or donate to support us to do various things. Keep up to date here: Are you thinking why so much??!! More information here.


Hello My name is Ginger, aka “The Destroyer”


Ginger’s nicknames also include Defect dog and The Galoot. Ginger is a Lhasa Apso (supposedly) and is supposed to be stubborn but calm. Ginger can’t read so she has no idea this is how she should be acting so instead this little creamy fuzzy dog, (the best snuggle bunny when you are napping) is total chaos when her eyes are open.  She randomly jumps up and zings from one end of the house to the other, she barks at nothing, everything, a leaf, her reflection, a squirrel (okay so the squirrel is annoying) and the other dogs just stare at her. Miss Ginger had eaten on several of our chairs (really we feed her) to the point that I was worried for anyone to sit on any of our kitchen chairs. I hid them all in the dining room for a long time and our little kitchen table sat sort of lonely for a long time.

She did all that damage and she eats elk antlers like they are nothing. FYI Elk antlers are stronger than bone people… We get the antlers for a 40+ pound dog. Ginger thinks she is the Cujo of the Lhasa Set. So THIS HAPPENED:


20150124_195019457_iOSYes indeed those are metal chairs. Go ahead Ginger.. gnaw on those!  I suppose we will have to start working on replacing the dining room chairs next. I’m sure Paul won’t go for the yellow and orange combo in there. It’s really happy and it matches my Yellow, Orange and Red Fiestaware!! Too Cute! I figured we were going to need chairs for the kitchen soon anyway because we will be eating at the table when the girls get here. No more living room dinners. We found them on Overstock and paid under $250 for the entire shebang!

I won’t even tell you how many toys she has eaten. Paul says I can’t replace any toys until the “overflow” box of toys upstairs is gone?!? They do have three toy boxes downstairs and one upstairs. They LOVE toys! Just like a little kid Snickers will prance around with his new toy. Its so funny. Tinkerbelle brings toys on the couch and hides them under the pillows. Fu really liked that big Halloween spider toy until Willie came to visit and defiled it. Fu doesn’t like the spider any more.

The nursery for the girls – A little sneak peek


A few days ago we made the trek down to Ikea and picked up a Teal Kallax to go in the girls’ room. The theme is sort of under the sea. Most of the walls are aqua and one is bright yellow.  I have a few more items on the way so this is only a quick peek.  We did grab a 3 pack of the cars and an extra step stool. Ikea is a great place to use for kid stuff.

While we were there we looked at the blackout shades and yeah.. the windows we have are WAAAYY to wide for anything they sell. I should have looked earlier because I know we will need those shades.


I’m on the lookout for a big fishy rug or playmat for the room, or maybe something with waves or mermaids. I’m sure I’ll know it when I see it. We still need to get the other crib and mattress of course, I’ll order those shortly.

I’ve been seeing the cutest things on Etsy! Such great ideas there.


I bought each of the girls a little penguin jacket and of course Isabella will need extra protection so she has little pink sunglasses to match.  They both have a pink headband with a flower.

20150126_020425093_iOSI am adding to the “library” as I find board books on sale. That large jar is full of different hair accessories in all colors.

To keep things on a budget I have been using my ebay bucks, cash back from Fred Meyer and Ebates refunds on items for the girls. I sold a bunch of books at Half Price Books and bought a board books. I hit the sales, I watch Baby Cheapskate, Brads Deals and a couple other sites to locate deals on toys, diapers etc. Amazon had a great sale on puzzles a couple days ago so I bought 4 of them.

Last month Costco had Huggies on sale so I bought both diapers and wipes. This week had an amazing deal so I grabbed a case of diapers from them. I know we’ll need a bunch of diapers for when we travel as well as all the days we will be out of the house at medical appointments so I am trying to stock up now.  I did get a great deal on a couple of dresses (for the court appearance?) $7 each and they are cute and happy little dresses. SCORE!

I hope you like my sneak peek, I can’t wait until it’s finished!!


Yum Yum Pancakes

It’s the weekend and everyone has probably had more than enough bacon and eggs already. So I made Paul’s favorite pancakes. I have no earthly idea where this recipe came from but its been in my recipe binder for a long time.  This will make enough to feed three people. It is filling.

3/4C Almond Flour

2 Scoops Protein Powder – I use Jay Robb Vanilla

3T Flaxseed

3t Baking Powder

2t Vanilla Extract

3 Eggs

1 Cup Cream Cheese

3T melted coconut oil

4.5T Heavy Whipping Cream


Mix all dry ingredients together, add dry to wet ingredients and mix well. Cook on buttered griddle (I set mine to 350 degrees) wait until the edges are firming up before trying to turn them.

We topped them with Natures Hollow Maple Syrup and whipping cream. It was delicious!

Adoption- Fingerprinted!

Recently we all took a field trip up to the police department to be fingerprinted and get letters of good conduct. Of course we had letters of good conduct because we’re pretty boring! The gal that did our appointment was really nice.

We Fed Ex’d our finger print cards to the biometrics place for the FBI clearance and already have them back! It seems like everything is happening all at once. We have completed mountains of paperwork, forms and classes. Unfortunately I know there are several more paper mountains to climb and they all have red tape-ish names like I800A, I800 etc. This whole expedite thing has me really worried. Apparently that will mean more paperwork, authorizations etc and we could potentially travel much sooner than originally expected. How can you keep all of it straight, work on fundraising and do the regular every day stuff??

Papers with red tape

Unfortunately our home study visit was pushed back because our Home Study agency is still not officially off suspension. Apparently they think the call will happen Monday. SUPER!



Adoption – Another Little Bug??

Miss Elsa

Sometimes you don’t get to make the plans. I’d been stalking this little girl since before we wrote an LOI for Zou Bing Jie. We thought her heart condition would be far to much for us to handle. Yet I couldn’t leave it alone. I looked at her page every day to see if someone had come forward and to say they would be her mom. I watched every video that was posted and watched for updates. She has the saddest little eyes and you know she has been through so much more than any two year old should ever have to go through. This baby needs a break. Shortly after we wrote the LOI for Zou Bing Jie Paul said lets see if we can get her transferred. Wait, what? I furiously wrote e-mails that night to see what could be done.

As I mentioned here the CCCWA had pulled her file from the other agency. Their agency person could not find her and our facilitator couldn’t find her. I wondered if I had been trying to force a situation that was not meant to be.

On January 19th our wonderful agency gal (a woman I consider a friend at this point) finds little Fu Chen You on the shared list and calls me right away.

I’m excited but honestly scared.. no make that terrified. Can I do it? Will we get there in time? There are a million reasons not to try to adopt this little girl on the other side of the world. If someone hasn’t mentioned them to me, I’ve thought of them myself. I fussed around all night for two nights.

Everything happens for a reason (or at least this is what I tell myself so I am not sobbing in the corner), she popped up for a reason. Our agency gal and her daughter (that also works in the adoption industry)  happened to be on and looking at the shared list. Her daughter said “Look at this little girl..” and it was our girl!  That is a crazy “coincidence”.  We wrote the LOI.

Fu Chen You has Tetrology of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia, there is no survival without surgery. Tetrology of Fallot is a collection of 4 structural abnormalities of the heart, add to that a malformed pulmonary valve and you have the most severe form of TOF.  In addition to that she weighs in at a teeny 17 pounds (think 9 month sized clothes) and suffers from moderate malnutrition. We will need to build her up so she is strong enough to have heart surgery. We do have a cardiologist now lined up to work on her case as soon as we return from China thanks to an advocate that worked to get Fu Chen You a family.

Please keep Fu Chen You in your prayers and thoughts. If you are able please consider participating in our fundraiser or donating either directly using the link on the right side or sending a tax deductible check to the agency to help bring these two little girls a home. Our total fees are going to be between 45-50K if you can believe it. Please help us by sharing the story. Thank you!!

Tax-deductible donations can be made directly to our agency! Just indicate “STALEY FAMILY ADOPTION” in the memo and mail to:

Wasatch Adoptions
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, UT 84403

Adoption – Files and Red Tape

Papers with red tapeIn the world of adoption red tape abounds.. we wanted the transfer of a file from another agency. Basically how this works is that the CCCWA pulls the file puts it onto the shared list and Agency A tells Agency B that the file is being released so Agency B can scoop it up.  Agency to agency transfers are not allowed.

A family had the file and was reviewing it. Let me be clear this little one has waited a long time, baby E is really adorable but has a very serious congenital heart defect.  The family decided that the heart issue was too big so they passed on the file and apparently the CCCWA pulled the file from the agency A before it could be transferred to Agency B (our Agency).

The coordinator from Agency A can not find Baby E, the facilitator from our agency is also looking for her we have no idea why the file was pulled. She could be very sick, she could have passed away or her file could simply have been moved to another agency (in the US or even in another country).  I feel sick.

The little gal from our agency is the nicest woman and she was asking if I was sure we were up to this. Geez.. I have no idea, but I think this little baby girl needs a break.

Baby E has the saddest most haunted look and I think she has been through far more than anyone should have to endure especially in only two short years.  I have her pictures on the fridge and on my phone next to our other little bug because I was SURE we’d get her.

The whole thing is not without huge risk, I know. Another family was told today the heart baby they were adopting had passed away.

This is why we need much less red tape. Every kid in every country is important, they all matter. Those little people are our future. These kids are the next world leaders, the next presidents, teachers, law makers etc. They should have a family.

Please keep that family in your thoughts I can’t imagine the pain they are in.

ADOPTION – We got P.A. Today!!

XylaphoneI was so excited when I read my e-mail from the gal at our agency… we received preliminary approval to adopt Zou Bing Jie.  This means that our Letter of Intent was sent to China, reviewed and accepted. Another milestone in our adoption.  We should hear any day about the heart baby, we hope she will be transferred to our agency.

So far we have paid for our classes (which we completed and passed) with Adoption Learning Partners, paid for the $600 application fee and the program fee $3500 to the agency and now we are about to pay $3100 to another agency to do out homestudy. We are having all of our certificates ordered (apparently we need three of each and at $20 a piece tomorrow will be an expensive day).  China will not accept any certificate with an issue date older than 6 months. Our first home study visit will be Wednesday. I’m already working on the mountain of paper.


Temporary Suspension of Hague Accreditation

Grumpy catI am in hyper alert now. I *JUST* found out that our chosen home study agency has been suspended. This was posted to the site:

The Council on Accreditation (COA) has temporarily suspended the Hague Accreditation of Faith International Adoptions (FIA) for a period of two weeks, starting on January 6, 2015 until January 21, 2015 pending implementation of corrective action which has been implemented to the satisfaction of COA.

During this period of suspension, the agency may not perform the following 6 adoption services as defined in 22 CFR 96.2 Definitions, except as it relates to any required corrective action, or except in cases subject to the grandfathering provisions of the Universal Accreditation Act:

  1. Identifying a child for adoption and arranging an adoption;
  2. Securing the necessary consent to termination of parental rights and to adoption;
  3. Performing a background study on a child or a home study on prospective adoptive parents(s), and reporting on such study;
  4. Making a non-judicial determination of the best interest of a child and the appropriateness of an adoptive placement for the child;
  5. Monitoring a case after a child has been placed with prospective adoptive parent(s) until final adoption; and
  6. Assuming custody of a child and providing (including facilitating the provision of) childcare or any other social service when necessary because of a disruption before final adoption.

As for cases in progress, FIA is working closely with COA to ensure continuity of services which do not include any of the six adoption services listed above. FIA is working closely with COA in the implementation of the required corrective action. Please note that even if the corrective action is completed and accepted, the period of suspension remains the same.

I know our placing agency did not want us to wait on our gal to come back from maternity leave so this probably means we will need to use a different HS provider.




Are you scrambling for tax deductions? We just found out donations made directly to the agency are tax deductible!

Wasatch Adoptions, 1140 36th Street #204, Ogden, UT 84403 

Write “Staley Family Adoption” in memo line or enclose a note.  If you send me an email I will add to the fundraising thermometer so it will include your donation and get us another step closer to shaving Ethan bald and helping an orphan (or two) find a forever family. We appreciate all of your support.



Adoption- Our Little Bug!

On Horsey

We wrote a letter of intent on this little angel and she is locked to our file as of a few days ago. She just turned a year old in December. She does have a dermatological issue (I bet you already know what that might be), significant vision impairment and moderate delays.  We are beyond excited!

We are currently waiting to hear if a file from another agency can be transferred to our agency for another little girl that just turned two in October.  The second little girl has a congenital heart condition called Tetrology of Fallot with pulmonary atresia. Basically this means there are 4 structural issues with her heart and the pulmonary valve is malformed.  I can not share any pictures as she is not with our agency… yet, but she is absolutely darling.

This means we will have to really sprint to get funds together so we can do a medical expedite and bring the girls home ASAP.  Our second little bug desperately needs medical intervention.  I think this adventure will be a really WILD ride! Please visit our Fundraising Page and see if we can get Ethan’s head shaved bald! Stop by my Ebay auctions and keep an eye out for the next couple of days as we will post a drawing for a new iPad mini. Thank you for helping bring the girls home!

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Dec 1 Saw Paisley's little face and asked for her file

Dec 15th Got files for Paisley and another girl from agency

Dec 16th Read files and called to find IA doctor

Dec 17th I spent all day on e-mail and the phone with IA doctor

Dec 19th we sent a check for $600 and official application to the Agency

Dec 22nd we got an e-mail we had been approved by the Agency

Dec 22nd I wrote a Letter of Intent for the CCCWA that we intend to adopt Zou Bing Jie

Dec 23 we finished the Agency contracts and paid $140 to have 14 signatures notarized (OMG!)

Dec 26 Sent contracts and $3500 International program fee to Agency - Lucky for us Zou Bing Jie has already been locked to us

Dec 27-Jan 5 CCCWA will be closed so NOTHING will happen.

Jan 4 H.S Agency Suspended

Jan 8 Received P.A. from China

Jan 19 Found Fu Chen You on Shared File

Jan 21 Wrote LOI for Fu Chen You