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Adventures in Grain Free Cooking

Okay I know what you must be thinking.. grain free? Why? We are trying to be healthier and removing grain has had some odd unexpected side effect. My ring finger on my right hand has been swollen and painful for months when my middle finger on the left hand started to hurt. After several days on the grain free diet I noticed my fingers no longer ached. So there might be something to the claim that grains cause inflammation. Very strange. Of course at the same time we had also been doing 8oz of juice before breakfast and dinner so perhaps that has an effect as well.

The last drill Paul went to this is what I made hm for breakfast, buttermilk pancakes and bacon with syrup and coffee. Boy how things have changed.

Almond & banana pancakes with a side of bacon made a fantastic breakfast. I found the recipe here. I did however increase the number of eggs used to 4 to increase the protein. I made fresh strawberry syrup to slather on the pancakes. I also used the strawberry syrup mixed with oil and red wine vinegar to make salad dressing. That was the best idea!

Grain Free Blueberry muffins with a side of bacon makes a great breakfast as well. Check out the recipe here. I did double the blueberries to make them really pop with blueberry flavor.

In an effort to make things easier I tried to make this coconut flour bread. The thing with coconut flour is that it REALLY sucks up all the liquid and it turned out a little dry. So I think with a little work I could perfect this bread. Maybe adding some yogurt would help with the end result.

I made egg, bacon and cheese cups with coconut flour so these can be in the freezer and warmed in the morning as a quick breakfast. I will admit with the coconut flour they were slightly dry but they do have an excellent flavor.

Pauls favorite bread is lemon poppyseed so I gave that a whirl too… Lemon poppyseed muffins with coconut flour. They were moist and really good. I did use WAY more lemon juice because I wanted it to be really lemon flavored. The little slice is an Almond meal shortbread cookie I tried. Great with butter but lacks the shortbread texture I was looking for.

I made this Blackberry & Blueberry Strusel but I did learn that perhaps I should be certain that the berries are all sweet before baking. It was a little bitter even with all the cinnamon and sugar.

Miss Lisa Marie gave me a great grain free biscuit recipe, I did learn however that you should not do egg whites in the food processor as they turn white but stay soupy. User error.  So I had to add in a little coconut flour and almond flour to suck up the soupyness.  This one is not Paleo because of the cream cheese but I’m not really strict on Paleo (have I been strict on much of anything?).  I will post the recipe when I make them again and they work for me.

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